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Flaherty’s Crossing by Kaylin McFarren is a deeply moving novel of not only love, but also of forgiveness. Kate, a fiercely independent married artist with a longing to be loved, receives a call she has been dreading, her father, Collin Flaherty, has passed away. Kate is already struggling with her marriage and is now faced with doubts about who her father truly was and if he stopped loving her when her mother passed away. Kate’s husband Drew, a high-powered attorney rapidly moving up the corporate ladder yet still overshadowed by the achievements of his now deceased father, is striving to make their marriage work and to convince Kate that he can indeed be there for her, believes in her, and loves her. Flaherty’s Crossing is a rollercoaster ride of events and emotions as McFarren delivers a delightful cast of characters, which include friends, family, hospice workers, and Kate’s gossipy neighbour Wanda, each delivering a special message to the narrative. The diner scene is a stroke of literary brilliance as Flaherty’s Crossing reminds the reader it is never too late to change, apologise, and forgive; a narrative that reminds one that love transcends time and place and can never die. To anyone looking for an insightful and uplifting novel, I highly recommend Flaherty’s Crossing.

Reviewed by Jennifer, Rundpinne

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