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Kaylin McFarren has brought to us an amazing, intimately detailed and extremly emotional story. I had trouble allowing myself to put this book down. I just didn’t want to let go of this powerful story! A story of heartache and hope, Kaylin McFarren brings us to the life of Kate Flaherty, who is losing her father, whom she is estranged from, while at the same time dealing with mending her broken marriage before it’s too late. Along the way, there is mystery, hope, love, secrets….a little something for every kind of book lover out there.

This book had me smiling, crying and every emotion in between. I truly loved this story! I don’t think that I could say that enough. This author really knew what to write and how to capture my mind and my heart completely so that I could feel every emotion, every touch, every word that Kate Flaherty heard or felt. POWERFUL!

I highly suggest that you read this book, either on Kindle or in the paperback version that is now available. This story will have your heart so captured and your mind so full of Kate Flaherty that you will see exactly what a true page turning book should be like. One that is compelling! This story will be with me for many, many years and I am sure that you will find this 5 star book to be with you for just as many!

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*Molly, Book Review by Buuklvr81

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