What’s Your Favorite Popular Song??

I was recently asked the name of my favorite song, a tune that I’d look forward to hearing every time it came on the radio. Now I’m one of those eclectic types. I love everything from country western to classical, Enya to U-2. But sometimes music transcends all genres and simply melts your heart. “Home” by Michael Buble has this affect on me. Maybe it’s the thought of being able to return back to my roots, back to my childhood when life seemed less complicated. Or perhaps it’s just the idea of being with the one you love when so much of your time is spent apart. But no matter, this song has me singing along every time I hear it and I thank Michael Buble for reaching into my soul and touching my heart…

So what’s your favorite song? What tune stays in your mind all day after hearing it on the radio? šŸ™‚


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