Kaylin’s December 2010 Newsletter

“It’s never to late to become the person  

you have always wanted to be.” – Anne Sweeney

Hello Readers and Fellow Authors:
As you’re all aware, the tradition of giving presents comes from the three wise men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. When I was a kid, gifts were more modest than they are now; but even then, people were complaining about the commercialization of Christmas. Over the years, we’ve grown accustom to Black Friday sales and preseason decorations that bypass Thanksgiving altogether. Some of us are disheartened by this practice, but we need to recognize, with the sad state of our economy, Christmas sales have become the backbone of many businesses. Without this added revenue, stores would close permanently and many jobs would be lost. So the next time your find yourself grumbling over filled parking lots, harried shoppers, and long department store lines, try to hold onto the true meaning of Christmas in your heart and remember the faces of loved ones who will be opening and relishing your gifts on December 25th.

Quote of the Day:
“Most of our stress and suffering come not from events, but from our thoughts. Refrain from negative thoughts and stress subsides.”  – Martha Beck

Another review for Flaherty’s Crossing:

“Kate Flaherty is at a crossroads in her young life. Her father is on his deathbed and she has many unresolved issues related to the early death of her mother and her father’s subsequent emotional distance. When she has a car accident, it stimulates images that both disturb and threaten to stir up those same unresolved issues.

Kate’s marriage is, likewise, in a shambles but both she and her husband appear open to reconciliation. When Kate is injured, her husband becomes involved and available – just what Kate was needing in her own hours of soul-searching related to her father’s death.

Although the conflict resolutions are, at times, a bit predictable and simplistic, “Flaherty’s Crossing” is an easy read that should appeal to many readers of suspense and romance. The main characters are very well developed.” – Readers Favorite, Haweville, KY

Upcoming Flaherty’s Crossing Book Signing Events:

December 4th, 2010 – 5:30pm – 9pm, Festival of the Trees Gala,  Oregon Convention Center, Hall A, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Portland

December 7th, 2010 ; 7pm – 9pm, Writer’s Faire – Book Sale and Signing, The Old Church, 1422 SW 11th Avenue, Portland

Kaylin’s Recommended Reads for December:

  • Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg – When Ruth Thomas is diagnosed with rapidly metastasizing breast cancer, her best friend Ann Stanley shares doctor’s visits, funeral plans, and long talks about men, children, sex, the past, and the future. A memorable, absorbing read.
  • Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler This inspiring journey through the greatest stories ever told will forever change the reader’s view on some of history’s most storied events.
  • The Long Walk Home by Will North A lyrical and tender love story of grief and hope set in the mountains of North Wales which leaves the main characters questioning issues of morality and fidelity.

A favorite holiday song:

The Greatest Gift Of All – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
Dawn is slowly breaking
Our friends have all gone home
You and I are waiting
For Santa Claus to come
There’s a present by the tree
Stockings on the wall
Knowing you’re in love with me
Is the greatest gift of all 

The fire is slowly fading
Chill is in the air
All the gifts are waiting
For children ev’rywhere
Through the window, I can see
Snow begin to fall
Knowing you’re in love with me
Is the greatest gift of all

Just before I go to sleep
I hear a church bell ring
Merry Christmas, ev’ryone
Is the song it sings
So I say a silent prayer
For creatures great and small
Peace on earth, goodwill to man
Is the greatest gift of all

Peace on earth, goodwill to man
Is the greatest gift of all

Kaylin’s Recipe of the Month: Candy Cane Swirl (Cocktail)


1 oz. SKYY® Infusions Raspberry
3 oz. Red Cranberry juice
0.5 oz. Grenadine
0.5 oz. Grenadine
Lemon Lime soda


Rim martini glass with crushed candy cane. Combine SKYY Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, Cranberry Juice and Grenadine into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into martini glass. Top with Lemon Lime Soda and garnish with small peppermint candy cane.

The Candy Cane Swirl is designed to add a simple, yet festive element to your larger holiday parties, utilizing familiar ingredients easily mixed in larger quantities. A vibrant red cocktail with a whimsical candy cane garnish, the Candy Cane Swirl is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

So remember Stay positive. Give happiness away and be sure to recommend Flaherty’s Crossing to everyone you know!

Have a great month!


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