Reading Room Review – Flaherty’s Crossing

I thoroughly enjoyed Flaherty’s Crossing while reading it and I already miss Kate and Drew as characters.  This novel was such an exploration of what love is, what it is like to lose a parent and forgiveness.  How is this done?  Drew and Kate are married but seem to lost track of each other and their marriage, they are both at the breaking point, but after an accident and as time passes the two start to work together and talk together again.  But can some secrets that still remain ruin the reigniting love between them.

Kate also has issues with her father in the beginning of the book and he is at death’s door.  The book goes through what Kate does after his death and how she learns more about her father and herself and how to go on with life.

This book is full of emotion and characters that really come to life.  I feel like Kate and Drew are a part of my family now, and that is pretty amazing for a 250 page book.  Also I found this book kept surprising me.  As soon as I though I had something figured out, it was different than I thought.  But it was the relationships that kept me reading above and beyond the plot, even though the plot was wonderful, the relationships were outstanding.

I look forward to reading more of Ms. McFarren’s work in the future.

My Rating:  4.5/5.0

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