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Buried Threads - Book 2 Cover

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“Buried Threads” by Kaylin McFarren is the second installment in a thrilling romantic suspense series. It offers an exciting mix of erotic adventure, steamy romance, and exotic world travels that will keep readers’ hearts pounding from the first page to the last.

“Buried Threads” continues where “Severed Threads” (Book 1) left off. In this story, we follow Rachel Lyons and her fellow adventurer and business partner, Chase Cohen, on an adventure to Tokyo to recover a highly valuable treasure from a shipwreck in the Sea of Japan—a natural progression from their successful expedition in Book 1:

“With their recent success at recovering the ancient Wanli II shipwreck and the Heart of the Dragon diamond hidden onboard, it seemed she and her new partner were quickly becoming recovery agents for missing hearts in some of the most dangerous places in the world.”

In the process of their latest adventure in Tokyo, Rachel and Chase find that they must overcome challenges and face risks that they had not anticipated before agreeing to what had initially seemed to be a fairly straightforward project. Rachel and Chase soon find themselves in the precarious and unenviable position of having to prevent a major natural disaster from hitting Japan and impacting millions of lives. In order to stop this from happening, they have no choice but to embark on a mission that may be their most dangerous one yet. They determine that the only way to keep the country free from this huge catastrophe is to partner with Yakuza gang members, dive into waters teeming with hungry sharks, and recover three ancient samurai swords, all of which offer the reader highly intense thrills:

“The shark passed by a third time, adding weight to the underwater current. Then it miraculously disappeared. Chase knew at that moment if they didn’t act quickly, there was no chance of escaping. With Rachel at his side, they rose through the water, maintaining a steady, controlled ascent. A quick glance behind…”

Kaylin McFarren comes back strong in this second installment of the series with a unique story that’s guaranteed to delight readers. She ventures into secret Japanese societies, weaves in fascinating cultural and historic nuggets, and yet, keeps the story current, modern, and highly sophisticated. The characters are well developed, and the plotlines are startling, dangerous, and exciting. “Buried Threads” is guaranteed to please readers who enjoy tales of great adventure, chase of dangerous treasures, and a good sprinkle of well-crafted erotic scenes. Not to be missed!

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“Banished Threads” by Kaylin McFarren

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Kaylin McFarren
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781518806919
Reviewed by M.Cristina Lanzi for Reader Views (12/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Banished Threads’ by Kaylin McFarren on Blogcritics.

In “Banished Threads” by Kaylin McFarren, we meet Chase Cohen and Rachel Lyons. Chase is a treasure hunter. Rachel, Chase’s partner and pregnant fiancée, is constantly having second thoughts about their wedding. The couple travels to England to ask Rachel’s uncle for his wedding blessing, but once they arrive at his manor, unfortunate events bring to light some serious family issues that were kept from Rachel. These hidden controversies however, ultimately help Chase to win the affection of Rachel’s family as he uses his sleuthing abilities to solve the mysteries.

Rachel’s uncle is Paul Lyons. Through a marriage of convenience to Sara, a wealthy woman in her own right, Paul becomes the rich owner of an art gallery. During a dinner…

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Blue Ink Starred Review!


Creative Edge Publishing, 330 pages, (paperback) $12.95, 9781475186529 (Reviewed: February 2016)


A romantic adventure set in the exciting world of salvage diving, treasure hunters, and modern-day pirates, Severed Threads is an action-packed, crowd-pleasing page-turner.

Four years ago, Rachel Lyons’ father died in a mysterious diving accident, ending her love affair with the sea, as well as her love for her current flame, Chase Cohen, who was there when Sam Lyons died. Chase disappeared from Rachel’s life shortly thereafter, with no explanation. Since then, she has buried herself in a new corporate job and new life devoid of treasure hunting.

However, things are starting to get complicated. Rachel’s brother is in deep trouble with some dangerous people, and one of her father’s close friends needs a priceless Chinese artifact to end a deadly curse. In order to save the ones she loves, Rachel must team up with Chase to find the Heart of the Dragon and other promised riches. Their shaky partnership is thrown off balance by secrets, hidden motives, and unmistakable romantic tension.

McFarren expertly blends Chase and Rachel’s personal story with an exciting treasure hunting narrative punctuated by detailed diving knowledge. One moment Chase and Rachel are fending off sharks and discovering ancient treasure; in the next, their sizzling chemistry lights the pages on fire.

The plot develops quickly, while action, intrigue, sensual romance, and surprising twists and turns abound. The author’s descriptions of an underwater world are vivid and breathtaking, and a supernatural edge colors the search for legendary treasure. The main characters, Chase and Rachel, are wonderfully flawed and are surrounded by interesting and well-developed secondary characters that add depth to the story.

Severed Threads is an exciting and engaging read, simply perfect for fans of romantic suspense.

Also available as an ebook and audiobook.