Mixology: The Thriller Genre

162485781Does your favorite novel have hot intense sex with an on the edge of your seat plot and a psychotic character? Then believe or not, you’re a fan of erotic, psychological thrillers, which many consider an explosive mix. Aside from the obvious, this genre is a great distraction from the general craziness of life. It dares to explore the darker side of our fantasies and their sometimes unintended consequences. Even though it does this by taking the reader to many extreme and taboo places, there are also beneficial topics involved, such as: overcoming our fears, breaking down barriers, not being victims of circumstance, and being true to our sexuality. Many of us live our lives doing what we have been conditioned to do instead of being true to ourselves and living authentically. Sometimes it takes an extraordinary situation to dismantle antiquated beliefs and to accept hidden truths about human nature and the human condition.

The real advantage of erotic thrillers is that they become a stimulating experience for the reader by delivering a roller coaster of emotions. It can be sexually-charged entertainment as well as thought provoking. One moment, you might be rooting for a villain to be caught and in the next, you’re longing for lovers to overcome their greatest challenges to be together—whether it’s forever after or just tangled up in bed. The real desire for an author creating a well-written, gripping story in this genre is to take the reader on a wild ride they never expected to experience and will take weeks…or maybe even months to forget. And even then, these books deserve to be read again and again, addressing our heightened need for passion, lust, exploration and intrigue, while throwing all caution to the wind and taking a step outside our comfort zone. Because what fun is it to restrict our book reading selections to conservative romances and historical drama when we can live precariously through hot, sexy characters in the pages of erotic thrillers, right?

So here’s your chance to explore a mixed genre. Check out the multitude of new authors that are currently thinking outside the box by producing a refreshing take on storytelling, distinctly different from formula fiction…and definitely a lot more fun!

Kaylin McFarren, Threads Series: http://www.kaylinmcfarren.com

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