2 thoughts on “Remember…

  1. Greetings,
    My comment is more of a question about your aunt Bessie Cordell. Did Bessie ever live in Milford, Nebraska and did she attend the Missionary Alliace Church? When I was a grade school age, my mother gave birth to my baby sister, a lady who had been a missionary in China babysat us in Milford. Her name was Bessie Cordell. Ms. Cordell was a mentor formu mothe in a spiritual manner. Ms. Cordell was a very kind woman and over the years my mother spoke kindly about Bessie. My mother passed away December 26, 2019. When I saw you had an aunt Bessie Cordell, I want to contact you to determine of the Bessie we knew was your aunt.

    God bless,

    Rick Ressel

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