Twisted Threads Book Trailer

I’m thrilled by the tremendous success I’ve received for my new TWISTED THREADS book trailer, created by Film 14. The views I’ve had on my Facebook page alone have exceeded more than 42,000 since it was posted in late November. If this was any indication on my book sales, I would be a best seller right now. 🙂

Happy Dancing all the way to the Post Office…

Got a call from my postmistress, notifying me that a sizable box from my publisher just arrived. Forty shinny new paperback copies of Flaherty’s Crossing…just waiting for mama to pick them up. I can’t wait to hold one of these “long-anticipated” babies in my hand!s!

If you’d like to adopt one too, stop by, request Flaherty’s Crossing, and expect your toddler to arrive within 2-5 working days! 😀